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Willi Go Light dolly
Art.Nr. 8510-03 Set Willi Go (Koffer)
Art.Nr. 8510-01 Set Willi Go (Softtasche)
  • A complete Light Dolly system with self-centered tracks 6,40m included!
  • Foldable system with two track gauges!
  • Extandable system – modular upgradeable to dolly system with seat and riser etc.
Item No. 8521-500
Willi Go push bar
Item No. 8511-01SET
Willi Go light track 6,4 m
Item No. 8521-200
Willi Go light track curves
Item No. 832190
Willi Go soft case
Item No. M5122
Willi Go hard case
Item No. 2211-02
Willi Go Maxi Spoke Base