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Wide Base Dolly CD6 Wide base Dolly “EM/WM” with studio wheels or pneumatic wheels “wide version” (Part No. 7530-OSET)
Package includes
  • Base frame
  • Pneumatic wheels 4pcs.
  • Column for ABC crane 100/120 incl. column extension
  • Push bar
Item No. 7531-OSET
Accessories: Levelling legs CD 6
Steering rod
Item No. 8410-0
Column for ABC crane 100/120
Item No. 7532-OSET
Track wheels CD 6
Technical Data
Dolly CD6
Weight/ Gewicht 101.41 lb /46 kg
Dimension / Abmessungen 52.36 x 39.37 x 12.20 in / 133 x 100 x 31 cm